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Are high interest rates getting you down? There's no need to worry, Jayhawk Advisors can help. Are you tired of constantly paying and not seeing your monthly payments go down? With a low interest rate debt consolidation loan from Jayhawk Advisors, you can reduce your payments by nearly half while cutting your interest rates to the single digits. Jayhawk Advisors understands your financial goals and helps you get there.



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Following your current payment plan, you will pay total interest of
to your current banking institution before paying off your debt.

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With Jayhawk Advisors, you will pay total interest of


Zion, UT
I was duped: I transferred my credit card balances to a "zero interest" card. Well, I didn’t read the fine print and my interest rates skyrocketed. I couldn’t imagine how I could possibly pay it back. When I got the offer from Jayhawk Advisors I almost cried. Thank you Jayhawk Advisors for being honest with how you can help.
Kansas City, MO
I had an onsite accident at work several years ago. While I am fully recovered, the aftermath from the hospital and doctor bills have damaged me financially. No matter how much I paid back, the high interest made it impossible to get back on top. Jayhawk Advisors helped me take control and pay down more than just the interest. Thank you, Jayhawk Advisors.


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